Charles Wu wrote:

But that's just the last mile local loop -- what about the ATM DS-3 circuit
coming back (and so forth)
Then there's servicing costs / etc

I was simply responding to your statement regarding just the last mile transport. If you want to include other considerations in the discussion then I don't understand your earlier email.

Keep in mind -- Bell copper has been amortized for quite a long time now --
and has been installed at almost a 100% penetration rate -- if you're
building your own infrastructure (wireless per say) -- do you realistically
believe that you're monthly costs for transport (inclusive from your NOC to
the customer's house) is less?

I never stated that my transport costs are less. Then again, I don't provide transport to single family homes anyway, so it is kind of irrelevant. Do I sell non-oversubscribed bandwidth to our commercial customers today? Yes, so I really don't care how much bandwidth they use. Can I sell a similar service to dense residential developments? Sure, but we haven't figured out how to do more than 2 installs per day, so I would rather focus on high ARPU customers. BTW, our 1.5Mbps last mile transport costs are lower than what Bell offers CLECs.

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