The 1.5/256 DSL service is still offered under a tariff, which is why I believe it is the only service you can order without a commercial agreement with BellSouth.


Peter R. wrote:

What tariff rate? DSL is unregulated and de-tariffed.
It is also subsidized by voice services, since it uses the same copper pair.
Billing is miniscule (less than $1) because you already get a bill.
Their IP and ATM combined cost is less than $2 per subscriber.
The real overhead is tech support and the DSG (DSL Support Group).

- Peter

Matt Liotta wrote:

It is? IIRC, the tariff price of 1.5 meg DSL from BellSouth is $23.95.


Charles Wu wrote:

But what about oversubscription?
Transit costs aside, the cost of last-mile transport of even 1 Mbps of data
"pipe" is still far more than $20-30 / month
What happens when users actually start *using* the bandwidth they are


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