According to Eric Lee, most of the 500+ members of Congress don't understand any of this stuff, but have to write a bill that does. Hence, do you really think that Congress or the FCC takes in to account the difference between fiber and wireless? How about the cable system and the PSTN? How about wireless and cellular? Nope. All lumped under one big pile that is misunderstood, but is churning the American economic engine and keeping many lobbyists and Congressmen rich.


Tom DeReggi wrote:

Well... you can't make Net Neutrality Laws without considering how ISPs would be capable of technically delivering on those laws, without self harm. I have not read anything from legislators that includes data on technical aspects of delivery. The problems is that Fiber has different capabilties than Wireless, and I jsut don;t see how someone can make a law that deal with delviery of data, when technologies used for delivery are so widely different in capacity. Ex. One fiber loop, can deliver 80GB. Jsut needs a hardware change, which price may drop in cost with market forces and legislation encouraging higher speeds and volume of deployment. Wireless on the other hand has a fixed capacity, in practicality today. In many cases peaked at 30mbps, and often peaked at as low a 4 mbps. How can legislation address both technologies with out special provisions injected to cater to each? The absense of adresssing dissimilar technology in Legislation infers that those writing legislation do not undrstand the issues at hand jsutifying it to be addressed. In truth, I have no prove that draws me to my conclusion. It just sounds likely to me. This industry takes a lot of predicting and forecasting, its not all black and white for us to know the truth.

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