You made some good points.

Just for the record, I don't currently have the problem of not having enough capacity to handle my customer's load for VOIP or any other application they use other than IPTV. Many of my client even do streaming, and it does not effect me because my network is currently undersubscribed. My points made were hypothetical based on forward thinking, potential growth in my markets, and in defense of WISPs in general.

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Random mixed thoughts:

When I buy a car or a sweater, I understand the tangible asset I have paid for. When I pay a toll on a highway, I understand that it is a tax for the thru-way upkeep. When I buy an internet pipe, I assume when they say 1.5M, I get 1.5M. Anything else better be explained or it is false advertising. And everyone has had the speed test junkies that scream about 1.3M.

The Big Boys state that it is best effort. Do you?
Do you advertise CIR or offer it?
Do you have terms that explain it is not a dedicated connection?
These are the CYA policies necessary.

BellSouth has sued successfully ISPs for advertising they though was misleading, even as they themselves use misleading terms and phrases. But who has the bucks to sue the Tele-Baron???

I don't see any time soon when people are going to be downloading TV and movies. Some will, but a majority do not want to watch them from a PC.

The Telcos are in for a rude awakening because the TV pie is static. As Isen explained this week, the price will have to go up for consumers, since neither cable nor telco can afford to pay off debt, maintain the pipes, and make their usual bloated profit off triple play. So it will be a price war in the short term, then price increases in the long term. Bloody for all, especially the consumer.

On Net Neutrality - Personally, I think it should be hands off. Period.
Anything less and the internet will become useless.

And that Free Ride argument... who gets a free ride? Both sides all ready pay a provider for access. So where is the free? Plus, why do you think people want BB? If it was just to check email, they would stay on dial-up or buy a CrackBerry.

They are buying an experience or a tool. If the tool doesn't work, they will buy another one. If the experience becomes painful, they will go elsewhere. This is the way of the market. Why do people flock to Starbucks, Lexus, BlackBerries? The experience, not the product.

Sorry for rambling. One too many cups of cappucino today.


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