This is sad news. Ken and I send our deepest sympathies out to his family and loved ones.

We remember all the contributions Joe made to this industry and, in fact, if it were not for Joe's foresightedness in making sure his WISP was in full compliance of the Part 15 regulations this industry might have taken a completely different path.

Thanks Bob for bringing this to our attention.

Dawn DiPietro

Bob Moldashel wrote:

I just heard about this on the Part 15 list.....

I am sure many here knew Joe D'Andrea of West 21 out of Asbury Park, NJ. He was definately one of the early starters in this industry. I was lucky enough to know him, having built out his primary AP site and dealing with the FCC when they came knocking on his door a short time later. Joe was a great guy and I know I will miss him........

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