This is just my view:

The days of making money off just internet connectivity are closing fast.
Even the RBOCs realize that they will need to charge more and add services and bundle. Some have added secure email**, desktop support, internet security, etc. to boost the ARPU.
Plus bundles lock the customer up for 2 to 3 years.

Managed services are where the rubber meets the road.
Technology has gotten beyond th eaverage user's mental grasp.
Remember that the average consumer couldn't set a VCR clock, but now has to figure out streaming video, iPods, mp3, mp4, digital pictures, online photo albums, etc. Beyond their understanding.

In a sales class I took they explained that if someone bought an item, it is your job to vacuum up the plate with accessories to make that item more useful and valuable to the customer. Like selling a cable with a printer plus paper.^^

- Peter

(**why Indie ISPs did not capture this market first I have no idea)
(^^ joke at
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