Thanks for the link, but this isn't what I was thinking of.
Maybe I was dreaming, but I sure thought I saw a picture
of a small device, one ethernet port only, and either a single
or duplex outlet or maybe it switched DC voltage...
that would fit in a 8X12X4
box with lots of room to spare. It seems to me that somebody
posted a link to such a thing a couple of weeks or months ago.

John Vogel

Travis Johnson wrote:

> HI,
> We have used many of these, but they aren't sub-$100...
> Travis
> Microserv
> J. Vogel wrote:
>> I seem to recall that someone posted a link to a sub-$100 ping
>> watchdog/reboot
>> unit on one of these lists recently, but I cannot locate the message I
>> am thinking
>> I saw. I need a simple device to power-cycle an access point radio or
>> two when
>> pings to the network default gateway fail.
>> Can anybody point me to such a thing? Thanks!
>> John Vogel

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