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I have consulting client that has an issue I have not been able to figure out, so I'm going to the lists for assistance. They have a law enforcement customer that has wifi cards and laptops in their patrol cards and wants to be able to roam from access point to access point while being able to use their VPN. This wasn't a problem up to this point, as the network was flat and bridged and the cop cards were given static IP addresses that worked anywhere on the network. Going forward, all of the bridging is going to be removed and the entire network will be routed. This makes the network work a lot better, but it breaks this particular application.

The only solution I could come up with for this scenario was to implement some kind of combination of RoadWarrior/OpenVPN with an IPCop firewall at the main law enforcement center. They are currently using OpenVPN, but it is setup with the aforementioned static IP addresses. The patrol cars will be pulling dhcp when they associate to the access point, but there shouldn't be any NAT traversal because their main office will be on the same network. Here is the solution I was looking at testing out for them. Does anyone have any experience with this?


Thanks guys.  Looking forward to hearing some responses.

Matt Larsen

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