Then I noticed the .22 caliber bullet hole in the top left
hand corner!

Maybe Scott Corullo was doing some consulting work in the area.... Ducking...

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I've gotta tell you guys this story. If I wouldn't have seen it I'd never have believed it!

I have a ptp 900 MHz link that was a tough one. Unknown trees, hill, buildings etc. in the way. Just can't quite see either end. It's short, under 3 miles but not enough 2.4 GHz signal to make a link work reliably.

Soooo, in goes the 900 MHz Trango link. Worked like a charm. The only problem was that the signal at the SU was very low. -88/-89 range. Really cutting that fade margin close.

Two or three weeks after the link was put in we had a big storm and dropped the link. Grrrrrr

I did noise scans etc. from the AP and ended up with clean air. Hmmmm. Next I tried different channels and polarities on the link. I was (fortunately) able to duplicate a problem by running the radio to radio tests. I could cause 15% error rates or .1% error rates just by changing channels and/or polarity.

Funny thing was, the rssi at the AP was -75 or so. Wayyyyy better than it had been with the SU when the link was first installed.

After talking to tech support I found out that there were some units with flaky radios. They could have low rec. or low transmit. We brought in the cheapest end to r&r. Turned out that the new SU has an rssi of -73 where the old one had a -89.

Now it's important to remember that the old one had low signal right from day one. That's important because this morning when I took the old one out of my care I noticed that it rattled. WELL, I thought, no wonder it wasn't working right. Then I noticed the .22 caliber bullet hole in the top left hand corner!

So here we had a unit with a hole in it, the bullet still inside, during the rainy season and it was still working! The customers were still getting service. It would have eventually filled up with water and failed. If the bullet would have gone in a few inches lower the board would have gotten a hole in it. If the bullet would have landed on the electronics they'd have shorted out. Sooooo many ifs!

In the end, I have a working radio with a slug inside of it!

I'm hoping that Trango will take my word for it that the unit had the low signal issue right out of the box. But if they don't, how can one blame them? sheesh.

I knew that the telco didn't like me, I never thought that they'd go this far though! roflol

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