There is a new list server for this committee which is [EMAIL PROTECTED] You can subscribe to this list by going to and filling out the online subscription form. I know we will all be rewarded by the efforts of this committee to help our industry and I applaud those of you who agree to help.
Kindest regards,
John Scrivner

George Rogato wrote:

To All WISPA Members

The WISPA Board of Directors, during the March Board of Directors
meeting, created the WISPA Promotional Marketing Committee to promote
it's WISPA Members, WISPA and the wisp industry in general.

During the formation of WISPA there were comments regarding what is
WISPA going to do to help us, the wisps. Some said the question was what
are the wisps going to do to help WISPA.

The answer is together, WISPA and it's member wisps, can help us help
ourselves. One such way is the WISPA Promotional Marketing Committee.
What is needed now is for the member wisps who have experience and
talent in the area of promotion and marketing to help put in motion a
marketing campaign to promote WISPA and it's member wisps.

At this time the Marketing committee has just myself, George Rogato of, and Tom DeReggi of

The committee will communicate via a dedicated email list and the time
needed to work on the committee shouldn't need much more than a couple
hours a week, if that.

We need some volunteers to get this going.

Email me off list at [EMAIL PROTECTED]



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