The WRT54GL can be found at outpost.com (Fry's) and several other places, I'm sure. But, you won't find it at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or any Office Supply store. They run at least $80.

Unlike Rick, I believe they are more than worth it. I have only bought six or seven. But, they are indestructible. I've 'bricked' them several times. Just pressed reset on boot or shorted pins on the board on reboot to allow new firmware upgrade. I agree that the stock firmware is not great. But, that's what you get for $50. With Open Source, you get the power of community. Consider ourselves lucky that we can buy a barebones appliance and load your favorite firmware. OpenWRT and DD-WRT are fantastic. I find little reason to pay $20-$30 for crap when I can spend $50-$80 and get a 200Mhz linux server for SSH tunneling (secure VNC :-> ), great configurability, and solid reliability.

I'm in agreement with Rick on the Buffalo. It's only got one external antenna. But, it can run DD-WRT, too. Best Buy had the WHR-G54S for $50. I think they are now going for $60 - $10 MIR. I've seen the Motorola WR850G for cheap, too. I had a booger of a time getting firmware on there; but, I should have RTFM a little more. These aftermarket firmwares install most easily and readily on the WRT54GL. See open source routers at:


Brian Whigham
Yonder Networks

Rick Harnish wrote:

I refuse to sell Linksys routers anymore.  I have given them two chances.
They went to crap when Cisco bought Linksys.  We tried again a year later
and still found them really flaky.  Technical Support help would just deny
there was any problems with them.  I gave up! We have tried Netgear, Dlink,
Trendnet..........but we have found Buffalo AirStation G54 Wireless Routers
to be excellent for stability and in house coverage.

Rick Harnish
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.
260-827-2482 Office
260-307-4000 Cell
260-918-4340 VoIP

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Since the new wrt54g's how come out, they are crap, any suggestions for a
low-cost soho router?

Dan Metcalf
Wireless Broadband Systems
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