I'm not sure if this guys comments were meant to be that of a 
nature. If someone is using the moon as a passive reflector, they may very
well be aiming at the horizon with a set of antennas using steerable
tracking gear for their antennas. The idea would be that you start using the
moon like you would a tracking system for a moving satellite. At moon rise
and set you would be aimed at or near the horizon with a lot of power. I'm
just pointing out the technical aspect of this, I'm not on the tower talk
list and did not see the whole thread to get the tone of the conversation.
This type of system is typical for hams who operate either satellite comms
or moon bounce. They do this to allow maximum time for communications. While
it would be possible to intentionally use this to harm WISP's it is also
possible that it could happen by chance.

Thank You,
Brian Webster <>

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Dan Hammill wrote:

>Thank you for your sentiments towards hams.
I meant what I said though I may have had it wrong after some of the
replies I am seeing from this group.

Dan  KB5MY said:

>if I run legal limit into my 24-foot
>dish, aim at the moon on the horizon, and some unlicensed ISP happens to
>in-between, I guarantee that the ISP will lose, regardless of how much
>he/she may be running.
I have been using the list servers here as an opportunity to share my
thoughts on perspectives and see how best to proceed for everyone's best
interest. Marlon has done the same. Quite frankly I am surprised that
the bully tactics you describe would be even put into print. I have
always thought Hams were basically all above such thinking. I have no
intentions of turning this into a holy war. I know my place. Thank you
for pointing it out though with the end of your gun.
Good bye,
John Scrivner

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