Can anyone email Jim directly with any info on those new 900mhz pc cards that are out there now?


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Thanks for sending this.  One correction is that the LMS folks have
rights to 14 MHz, not 12 MHz.  Also, I wasn't able to find information
about a 900 MHz Ubiquity product.  Perhaps the company name is spelled
slightly differently.


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Hi All,

Mike, I didn't know who at Motorola to send this to so would you please
forward it on?  Thanks,

Jim Snider at the New America foundation has been working with WISPA on
the proposal to license about half of the 900 mhz band.  As it's such a
busy time for us he's really been heading up the current efforts.

In a nutshell, there are folks who want to license 12 mhz of the band.
I believe the proposal will eliminate our use of that spectrum

The bad part about this is that, according to Jim, the m-lms folks
haven't even deployed anything!  We would like to go on the offensive
and suggest that since they haven't used the band in the nearly 7 years
they've had the right to, they should loose it.

Jim needs a couple of things sooner than later.

First, how much 900 gear (and customers) is out there now?

Second, what's the trend for 900?

I told him that with much of the low hanging fruit already handled by
2.4 and 5 gig people are now adding a LOT of 900 to the product mix.
And with the new 900 gear (from ubiquity???) that's looking like it'll
be cheaper, I expect there to be a LOT of new activity over the next
couple of years.
What say you guys????

The deadline to file on the issue is may 30th.  Would you guys please
file on this issue.  You may want to work with Jim to make sure that you
get the info out there in a way that he can use as well.

I've copied the relevant info from an email Jim sent me:

P.S. I'm also hoping that WISPA will take an interest in the 06-49 NPRM
on unlicensed operation in the 902-928 MHz band.  Comments are due May
30.  As you know, the M-LMS licensees are seeking to significantly
expand their rights at the expense of unlicensed service.

rm-10403 also has historical filings on this issue.

Thanks all!
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