I'd like to take a poll on behalf of the board of directors.
As most of you know, wispa formed a promotion and marketing committee for the benefit of wispa and it's member wisps. We have had a few people step up and volunteer their time to help get this going. I'm sure the work the promo committee is doing will be highly successful and will benefit each and everyone of our wisps.

Now what we, the board of directors, want to know is how may of you would be interested in "Work Groups"?

The first work group would be a "Muni Wireless" Work Group

Would you be interested in joining and participating in a Muni Wireless work group?

This work group would be to discuss:
1- The pro's and con's of dealing with a municipality.
2- How to go about approaching a municipality for a muni project.
3- How to bid and secure a muni project in your own market.

The work group is to help wisps who have never been involved help themselves.

I'd like each and everyone to write back and tell us if you think a muni work group would be a benefit to you.

Pleas answer Yes( ) or No( )



George Rogato

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