May 24, 2006

Why have one big wireless ISP when you can have hundreds of small ones?

That's the question NuTel Broadband Corporation <> of Cranbury, New Jersey seems to be answering. The company wants to create partnerships with existing ISPs — or just entrepreneurial individuals or businesses — who think their town or suburb deserves better broadband.

"We're talking to small to medium communities, looking at each of them as individual operating entities — each gets its own company," says Joe Fiero, CEO of NuTel. "We're the managing partner; they're the operating partner."

That partnership breaks down into NuTel handling everything on the back end, from billing to support, while the operating partner pays for and installs the equipment (mesh products from SkyPilot Networks <>) to NuTel's specifications. The local operator owns the relationship with the customer and gets paid by NuTel for running things out of what customers get billed.



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