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Too many orders lost from customers that don't have PayPal accounts (unless things changed in the last 2 years since I switched to e-account, but way back you had to setup a PayPal account to make a purchase).

Paypal has a terminal available that allows you to process MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. I believe those are all included in their terminal (haven't needed the Discover or AE, yet). It will handle debit and credit cards. Rates are very reasonable for what I personally use it for. I don't do a lot of credit card processing, either.

Too many orders lost from customers that refused to use PayPal. Too much time spent providing customers with bank transfer info that couldn't or wouldn't use PayPal.

The customer never knows it was processed through PayPal. I take the card number and other information (via the virtual terminal), and it is processed. It shows up on your credit card bill as a purchase from Butch Evans Consulting. Unless I tell you, you'd never know that's who I used.

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