I'm running a StarOS Wrap Combo with an Atheros 5213 PCI card at one of my POPs.
When the slightest thunderstorm comes through, I lose this card.  For some reason or another it's output drops severely and only my closest clients can connect.  I go from a -65 signal to -85+ on my closest client.  My tower has never had a direct hit through all of this. 
The WRAP board appears to be working just fine and I can access the STAROS program just fine. 
A replacement of the radio card brings things back to normal. 
I have a surge suppressor in-line with only 10 feet of LMR-400 to my antenna. 
Could my problem be that my ground is shoddy?
I've been through 4 of these cards in the past year because of this and can't figure it out.
Once these storms go through tonight, I am thinking about filing down my ground connection to the tower to ensure a better contact surface. 
Kelly Shaw
Pure Internet, Inc.
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