Not only true in DC, but to the general public as well, Larry.

Larry Yunker wrote:

I doubt quite seriously that any heads of executive branch departments realize that broadband/internet services are sometimes/often? provided by companies with a staff of less than ten and gross revenues less than $1MM annually. Most Washington beaurocratics live in a box and believe the line of bull that the Bell's and the Cable-Ops feed them. That is to say that the likes of Ma-Bell or Comcast created the internet and there aren't very many of the rouge ISPs around anymore. They might as well just treat the industry like there are 10 players: Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T, Bell South, Qwest, Sprint, MSN, Earthlink, and AOL. The rest of us are a bunch of renegades providing internet using tin-cans and string or pringles-cans and duct-tape.

Thats why government thinks nothing of mandating logging/snooping/data retention for ISPs. They just don't recognize that the internet was formed by small mom-n-pop ISPs and that a fairly sizable chunk of internet access is still handled by the little guys.

- Larry

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