Sounds like Mikrotik to me.  We do that all the time.

Take note, to get standard bridge features across an 802.11 client, it requires WDS. Mikrotik allows for large packets so that VLANs can be configured over WDS. The configuration is a bit encumbersome at first, but we got it down to a pretty good configuration now. There are a couple rules to follow to get the configuration to work right. We no longer use VLAN switches for small buildings anymore, we use Mikrotik VLAN instead.

How far you can backhaul, is going to be an antenna selection issue. Remember with a 32 dbi dish and -2 db power, its legal to get about 7 miles with good fade margin. (can pull off 11 with little fade margin)

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I am looking for a device with the following requirements:

* Can backhaul at >11Mbps operating in the 5.2Ghz band
* Can support VLANs
* Can assign a VLAN to one Ethernet port
* Powered by PoE (the standard is not required)
* Can act as a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi access point assigned to a different VLAN than the Ethernet port
* Everything in a single outdoor enclosure

Any ideas?

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