John Scrivner wrote:

> Can anyone describe any functional and/or technical differences between
> VLANs and say MPLS or Mikrotik's EoIP? It sounds to me like all three
> are functional equivalents of each other. Please correct me if this is
> an incorrect assumption. I have Googled it so spare me the obvious. I
> want to hear your thoughts.

Quick dummified and (probably) wrong synopsis:

VLANs generally will only work on the same network segment, and the VLAN
tags would have to be recreated if you cross a router. Think of it as a
way to turn one big switch into several little switches, and a fancy way
to interconnect different switches.

MPLS circumvents the segment boundary limits, but every router along the
way has to support it.

EOIP basically creates a VPN-like tunnel between two points.

They're all conceptually related, in that they're different ways to try
to make two remote locations transparently appear to be part of the same
network domain, but they solve different problems in different ways.

David Smith
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