We just had a 300' tower we rent space on vandalized.  The vandals stripped
all the copper off of the tower, guy wires, and building grounds.  My
installer calculated that the should have netted about $1300 from the take.
The tower got hit by lightning Wednesday morning and we lost some equipment.
Doesn't surprise me with no grounds on the tower.  They climbed all the way
to the top, left the lightning rod but stripped off the cable.  Better check
your sites, this might become commonplace.  They must have dropped their
bolt cutters in the dark because my climbers found them in the grass.  

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Yea, I can't wait to see what #4 solid copper ground wire is going to be
per foot.

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You guys price cable lately???  Out here my local hardware store went
$89 per box to $130 per box in the last two weeks!

Copper pipe and electrical have also done this.

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