Thanks for the great email!

I'll change 2 of yours:
Referrals: instead of a credit on the bill... send them a check.. that's

a bigger WOW!

I like the idea of sending them a check.  Like you say, that has a much
bigger WOW factor.  We will have to try that.

Word of Mouth: have downloadable videos of HOWTO's. With your logo 
prominently displayed on shirts, hats, mouse pads, cups, etc. (Product 
placement :) If the video is decent, it will be sent out to many people.

Spreads your name.

Another good idea!!

- Peter

Chad Halsted wrote:

> Great Topic, this is something I have been working hard at lately and 
> would be interested in everyone's input as well. Here are some of the 
> ways we have advertised our service.
> * *
> *Yards signs*
> This is my favorite. In the areas that we KNOW qualify for service, 
> Yard Signs is a great way for us to directly market our service to 
> potential customers. For one we know we can get them service, so there

> is no need to do site surveys. We can schedule that person's install 
> right away, which makes a good impression when the customer calls. The

> other thing that we love about yard signs, they are a constant 
> reminder to those passing by of what we are offering.
> *Door Hangers*
> Door Hangers is about as direct as you can get, which I am all for, 
> but we haven't had any real success using them. I imagine they get 
> lost in the credit card apps and end up in the trash after a quick 
> glance. The return WE have gotten off of Yard Signs is not worth the 
> paper they were printed on, not to mention all the extra work walking 
> around, and the risk of getting mauled by neighborhood dogs.
> *Spamming *
> About every quarter we spam our current Dial-Up and DSL customers in 
> hopes to convert those to Wireless. It is an inexpensive way of 
> getting the word out. I don't have any real numbers to quote on our 
> success with that, but it really doesn't matter because it's free.
> *Company Web Site*
> I don't have the percentages, but I always make a point of asking 
> customers where they heard about us. Believe it or not, I have had a 
> bunch of new installs because of our website add.
> *Working with your Partners*
> As you grow, you start to get an idea of how to take advantage of 
> every opportunity, or at least I have. For example, in our last lease 
> contract with the Water Company, we offered them a set monthly lease 
> rate ($100), and on top of that we agreed to pay them $1 extra for 
> every customer that we serviced from their tank. This gave them an 
> incentive to help us grow. They have helped us market our service to 
> their customers by way of news letters, billing statements, and word 
> of mouth. It has proven to be a very good deal for both parties. It is

> a good thing when we are sending them a couple hundred dollars a month

> in royalty checks. Get creative!!!
> *Community *
> We have been invited, by the local Amateur Radio club, to be apart of 
> their filed day event here in town. With the emphasis being on how our

> industry could quickly provide data services in emergency situations. 
> It should be a fun time, and give us an opportunity to spread the 
> word. Maybe try getting something going for the county fair in your 
> town, or other special events.
> *Referral Programs*
> Give away a month of free internet to customers that get you
> *Word of Mouth*
> This is the most important marketing plan you will have, and the one 
> you have no direct control over. Make a great product, support it 
> well, and be available to get it to the public, and you will have 
> great Word of Mouth. Don't be afraid to eat a few dollars to make a 
> customer happy. Often we will fix PCs, configure devices, and 
> basically go the extra mile for our customers. Make sure when you 
> leave their home, they have a smile on their face.
> This is some of the things we have tried, and I hope it helps, good
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> *Subject:* [WISPA] How do you market your WISP
> Gentlemen;
> I am in the final stages of design and have begun to guild my WISP. I 
> was wondering what the most effective methods were for marketing?
> I was thinking of using the mail, possibly arranging a demo in a 
> parking lot, flyers, and of course adding my company name to the lists

> on the internet.
> Lee



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