Lets do the Time Warp Again!

Its just a jump to the left....


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I ogt them too...

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My appologies to the list.

I'd added a couple cents to a thread that had ended weeks ago. Wierd, but my email client just pulled about 30 emails today on these old threads as if

they were new.  I'm reading along ... and this thread looks familiar ... and

only after sending a reply to one of them did I notice Patrick had penned that mail back on May 26th. Wierder yet is that I'd completely failed to notice that the 30 or so old emails were almost all old posts from Patrick that were several weeks old, with a couple from Brad that were about a week old. Don't know if the server hosting my mailbox did a drive restore that ressurected old mail or whether anyone else got a copies of old mail too. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

With dozens of email arrivals on the thread "3650 equipment" and "This is HUGE!" I thought that these topics had reborn again! :-) My mistake.


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