Thanks for the reply Tom. The reason I asked was I just sold a dedicated T1
to a hospital and they are currently on one of my Trango 900 AP's along with
10 other businesses. After reviewing what you posted it looks like I better
hang another 900 AP just for them or find another solution!


Mac Dearman

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As long as you are running the wired Ethernet side on 100mbps,
We have been able to get an aggregate speed of 2.4 mbps in the lab and in 
live deployment, with average size packets.
(Unfortuneately I do not remember what we declared as average size packets, 
but it may have been windows minimum limit of around 500 mtu).
(for example 1.2 mbps in each direction simultaneously or 2.4 mbps in one 

One way, with full size packets, we could get as high as 2.9 mbps in a lab 

Take note that if you run the Trango at wired 10mbps ethernet, and small 
packets, the radio total throughput drops significantly, even though 3mbps 
RF is 1/2 less than the wired 10 mbps spec.  Since those tests we alway run 
the 900 radios at 100mbps wired ethernet, when ever we  can.  With large 
packets I don't think it made much difference. We were surprised at the 
results. But this was an issue for us because we had installed the APs at 
500ft using 10 mbps.  It was the reason for a noticeable degregation of 
speed compared to what our original lab tests that were higher using 

To answer your question specifically, we noticed very little difference on 
which direction the data was going or at what percentage was going in each 
direction.  Thats the big advantage of TDD systems and half duplex. 
Obviously there has to be some degregation, but not a large enough amount 
that we could measure it with our tools.  We believe half duplex to be more 
efficient and less wasteful of spectrum.  But that only applies when a radio

can switch the direction it sends data without degregation of speed.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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> Has anyone ever done a test on Trango's 900MHz gear?
> I know it says 3Megs throughput, but what will it really do full duplex?
> Thanks,
> Mac Dearman
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