With last week's discussion on the ability of different product lines to support simultaneous VoIP calls, I'd like to start a discussion on VoIP as a service offering. First, a little introduction. I'm in the planning stages of an ISP. I intend to target small/medium businesses (no residential) in an area that is served with other technologies (DSL). I am currently working part time doing IT for a group of small businesses, and was just about sold on a WISP last year that offered a voice/data plan as a package that would have saved money. We ended up not switching after reading about some of the pending lawsuits against the service provider!

What I am trying to figure out is the best way to offer VoIP services to my customers. My main selling points on my Internet services will be reliability, service, and flexibility. And yes, I do intend to back these up. In the small business sector, it will be much easier to sell a highly reliable Internet connection to a customer if it's providing more than just access for lunchtime web browsing. Integrating voice and data will both save the customer money and justify the cost of the "dedicated" Internet line.

So, how are the service providers out there doing it now? Acting as a reseller for a larger VoIP provider? Do you offer customers any PBX-like features or just dial access? Looking for suggestions, things to avoid, and a little experience here. Thanks!

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