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it's a bit more complicated than OSPF if you're trying to backup ANOTHER provider's connection (assuming separate ASes, etc)
P.S. -- ASes = Plural for Autonamous Systems, not that other dirty word =/

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  I would use a MikroTik box in an indoor enclosure, The RB532 w/64Megs of ram running OSPF would be easy, fast and as reliable as anything I know. Another solution if you were looking for a rack mount set up would be to get a Cisco router and drop a couple modules in it and do their version of OSPF. You can generally find a good price on some used (but guaranteed) Cisco gear on eBay at a nice price.



Mac Dearman

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Hello fellow list dwellers!

I'm in the market for a dual WAN router.  Could I get some feedback on the some that you guys and gals are using.  I have some clients using me as a backup for their T1's, so Im just trying to find out wich one's are the best to go with.  




Bo Hamilton


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