I beg to differ... Find-me/follow-me, Outlook Integration, Billing Platform Integration, video phone, do not disturb, call logs, distributed call centers, IVR, and the list goes on.... VoIP is actually more than a phone. But then it is to business, not necessarily resi, which it is about dial-tone. From experience, Caller ID, Call Forward and Voicemail are the most popular features, especially with so many SOHO.

- Peter

Rich Comroe wrote:

Nah. It's just a phone. Ordinary wired phones already offer more features than people want without VoIP. Ordinary phone service typically offers you a list of 25 features. People don't want em, so in my midwest Ameritech area (now AT&T land) they typically throw in 5 features from the feature list for free. Most people don't even want the 5 free features ... they're just nuisances. There's a "damn it, just take 'em" attitude where the phone company now bundles several of the features into all local service whether you want 'em or not.

For the mass of the population it's simply about dial-tone & plain local / long distance talk-time. The phone companies learned to accept this. The same hype that "it's more than replacing the phone" used to be said about ISDN for 20 years (yes, ISDN *is* that old). Not one advanced ISDN feature EVER became popular with consumers. Within the telecom industry ISDN eventually became known by several alternate names, one of which was "Inventions Subscribers Don't Need" (my favorite).


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