VZ Local/LD single Resi POTS line in Tampa, FL is $78 total bill.
My CallVantage line is $41.

Rich Comroe wrote:

It was my impression that most of the US has unmetered local & US long distance available for $60 ... something / month. I do. To save $100 to $2000 per month on long distance with VoIP would mean they'd have to be paying the subscriber money back????

Out of that $60/month phone bill, the phone company has to pay federal assessments that the VoIP provider doesn't. Level that (which will ultimately happen) and they'll cost roughly the same monthly. I'm not seeing the savings. In what region of the US are ordinary residential customers paying $100 or more on typical long distance? (and I'd argue typical long distance is within US). Is $60/mo unmetered local & long distance not available?


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