I'd say we need to support WCA's post.
In politics it possible to get a double standard to pass.
ILECS / Cable companies need Net Neutrality, wireless providers do not.

Do you know what it would do to our cell phone bills, if Internet enabled Cell phones were required to allow users to use application of their choice such as IP TV? Call quality could get destroyed.

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WCA Weighs In Against Net Neutrality


The *Wireless Communications Association International* (WCA) has come down against network-neutrality legislation, joining one of the pressure groups that has been opposing moves in *Congress </search/?query=Congress>* on the polarizing issue (/TelecomWeb news break, /June 15).

Representing about 250 companies in broadband wireless carriage and manufacturing, WCA has teamed with the recently formed *NETCompetition.org* group organized by Scott Cleland, president of *Precursor LLC*, and which bills itself as an "e-forum" for debate but clearly positions itself among the vocal anti-net-neutrality factions.WCA claims its motive is to promote growth and innovation in advanced communications over broadband wireless by protecting the business from net-neutrality regulation

"With spectrum a scarce and expensive resource, it is imperative that wireless broadband providers remain free to manage their own networks," said WCA President Andrew Kreig in a prepared statement. "Net-neutrality regulation would discourage innovation and investment in more competitive broadband choices to all Americans. Our member companies are investing heavily in WiMAX </search/?query=WiMAX> or other '4G' types of next-generation broadband competitive alternatives. Our companies are part of the competitive solution, not part of the regulatory problem."

Other supporters of NETCompetition.org include the *American Cable Association*, *CTIA-The Wireless Association*, the *National Cable & Telecommunications* *Association*, the *United States Telecommunications Association*, *Advance/Neuhouse Communications*, *Alltel*, *AT&T*, *BellSouth*, *Cingular*, *Comcast*, *Qwest </search/?query=Qwest> Communications International*, *Sprint*, *Time Warner Cable*, *Verizon </search/?query=Verizon> Communications* and *Verizon Wireless*.

With the WCA's membership, Cleland remarks that next-generation wireless broadband companies are concerned net neutrality regulation would discourage investment, adding, "More innovation and competition are the antidotes for net-neutrality concerns, not backward-looking government micromanagement."

The development comes after key *House* committees and a full House floor vote passed a new video-franchise and telecom bills after defeating repeated amendment attempts to codify stronger net-neutrality laws and to give the *Federal Communications Commission* greater powers.

The debate over net neutrality - with many pro and con pressure groups frantically trying to get attention - now turns to the *Senate *Committee on Commerce Science and Technology, where a massive communications-reform bill also allegedly lacks strong net-neutrality provisos as well as to the Senate Judiciary Committee that is considering separate net neutrality bills in an antitrust, anti-monopoly context (/see related stories in today's Telecom Policy Report/).

The Senate Commerce Committee may mark up its draft on Thursday (reschuled from tomorrow) while Senate Judiciary's Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights that same afternoon has slated a hearing on the impact of the proposed AT&T/BellSouth merger (in light of consolidating telcos becoming a factor in the net-neutrality fight).



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