I guess you have to know Bruce Kushnick to understand the book.
He was a consultant for the Big Boys. When he couldn't stomach how they were ripping everyone off, he switched sides. He has piles of data - much of it from the ILECs themselves in press releases, PUC statements, etc. Get the book.... like you say it is free this week, but he could sure use the $20 if you think it is worth it.

And yes his style is kind-of X-Files Mulder.
Maybe in the next version he can add some pics of Scully :)

- Peter

David E. Smith wrote:

This is turning out to be a fun little read:

http://www.newnetworks.com/broadbandscandals.htm (there's a link on that
page to download their 400-page PDF book, free "this week only," after
that it's $20)

This book alleges that over the past twenty years, the various RBOCs
have essentially scammed $200 billion out of their customers (that's
most of us) and the government, with various promises of delivering an
open fiber-based network to basically everywhere presently served by
copper lines. Allegedly, telcos have promised fiber to virtually every
home in the States, 45Mbps network connections, 500 TV channels, and
possibly fuzzy stuffed animals for all your children.

It's a bit of a difficult read; it reminds me of The X-Files, in a bad
way. (The "paranoid conspiracy wacko" way, not the "mmmm Dana Scully is
yummy" way.) But give it a go; like I said, it's free if you grab a copy
this week, and you can read it later at your leisure.

If this book's claims are true (granted, that's an awful big "if"), a
lot of people should probably be really torqued.

David Smith
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