My personal opinion is that if the customer signs a waiver that they understand you are not providing 911 support and that if they dial 911 they get a message that says that 911 is not available from this device then you should be covered. I KNOW that this is contrary to the law, I'm just stating my opinion, and obviously the government has decided that I need protected from myself...

   Sam Tetherow
   Sandhills Wireless

Blair Davis wrote:

Actually, this is a real good question. Who would be liable when the customer picks up the phone and dials 911 and nothing happens?

Sam Tetherow wrote:

One interesting question would be what happens if the POTS line is down, but Matt's wonderful wireless network is up? ;) The customer would have voice service but no 911... Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

   Sam Tetherow
   Sandhills Wireless

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