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The antenna beamwidth was jsut one of the many palces where they were able to cut costs. And everylittle penny is what alowed them to reach the $150 point. I wish that hadn't been their goal, and they had included a higher DB antenna.

If you open them up you will see how low cost the 5580 antenna is, about the size of a large postage stamp, compared to the fox antenna that is much larger.

What I don't understand is why they have not released a higher gain antenna version. Maybe it is just a marketing ploy, meaning, its also cheap to make the Fox5800, so gain interest by promotiing $150 and upsell everyone to the $370 CPE for higher profit.

The problem I have with this scenario is that it is not a spectrum friendly way to upsale. I would rather pay more for higher bandwidth than narrower beamwidth. I would be much more interested in buying $150 CPE that has a 1.5M CPE cap instead of a 60*x60* beamwidth, although I may be alone in this opinion. Maybe I'm over estimating the noise issue, but it just seems to me like you are having an AP at every house with that kind of beamwidth.

But I really wish Trango would release a higher gain M5580 sooner than later. Because in reality, I'm in no better position than I was in 3 years ago using Trango 5.8G, because I'm still stuck buying Fox5800s.

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I never understood the 60*x60* beamwidth when the same form factor for the fox5800 has a 32x18 beamwidth. Seems like a very poor design which makes it harder to keep noise floor and interference at a minimum. Surely the narrowing of the beamwidth cannot account for more than doubling the cost...

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Travis Johnson wrote:

That they are working on "developing" a new product that will have bugs, hardware issues, etc. for the first 6-12 months. Trying to get to $100 (without antenna, BTW).

Trango has a $149 unit that is from a company that is established, it has a built in antenna, PoE, etc. and is ready to go today. For $30 more, the range goes from 3 miles to 13 miles. ;)


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What does everyone think?

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