Satellite providers too. They all have Fair Access Policies (FAP) based
on usage.


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No one says it aloud, but Verizon Wireless EVDO shuts accounts off all 
the time for too much usage.
Cellular Broadband is metered - my SprintPCS EVDO is 40MB per month.

BellSouth FastAccess does have Residential limits deep in their AUP/TOS 
(unless they have removed them).

- Peter

Dylan Oliver wrote:

> On 6/29/06, *George Rogato* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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>     Wild Blue , good example. Wild Blue is a fringe broadband player.
>     Cable and DSL set the rules. They are the majority of the market.
>     The majority of the market does not charge by the bit, but the
>     fringe does.
>     Guess thats proof enough.
> No, it's not proof of anything. My *guess* is that charging by the bit

> really doesn't impact penetration as much as you *assume*. How many 
> people even know what a bit is? Much less the difference between a bit

> and a byte? How many people read AUPs before they sign on. Etc. 
> Questions, not assumptions.
> Best,
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