I'll take it off your hands for free.   :)

Bob Moldashel wrote:
Proxim will repair it for $335...


Eric Merkel wrote:

We had a storm go thru yesterday and I have a Tsunami MP.11 5054-R
that is now having a problem. The unit powers up and is accessible
from the wireless on the other side without any issue. Unforutnately
though, the ethernet on the unit will not maintain a link to the
router below. The ethernet link is constantly going up and down every
few seconds but it will pass pings when it is up. The unit itself
stays powered up so I don't think the cable is bad. I replaced the PoE
and remade the CAT5 ends to no avail. I tried a different router as
well as reflashing the 5054-R unit's firmware which didn't help

Does anyone know if these can be repaired or is this unit just toast?

This link has a backup connection so I am not under any pressure to
get it fixed immediately and just wondering what my options are.


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