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>Subject: RE: [WISPA] DC Inverter help
>Can anyone give me a lead as to what I am looking for? I believe this
> is what I need, but I don't think I need 400Watts
>as all I will be pulling at several new tower sites are a few RB532's with
>their radios. I think I ought to keep the RB532s powered at 48VDC as they
>will be in excess of 200' up a tower. My intentions are to put a couple
>Marine batteries in an enclosure for back up power and have the DC inverter
>to keep them charged and have a seamless transfer if a power outage comes
>along. I have been putting these big honking APC UPSs in all my enclosures,
>but am trying to get something that will last longer in times of outages
>Any help would surely be a appreciated.
>Thanks folks,
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