I run every email through my BGLASS model fact checker - that takes care of the facts. :^)

I haven't installed any yet. I've been waiting for Tranzeo to do 900 this long, and it isn't much longer now. Unfortunately, we have had to un-install five or six customers in the last month because our overzealous installers did some installs that worked in the winter and quit working as soon as the trees got completely leafed in. I'm hoping to get a few of them back with the 900 stuff.

I'm with you - I need a break too. Not sure where or when, but we will have to get something figured out!

Matt Larsen

What? You mean EVERYTHING on these lists isn't factual?
Matt have you installed any 900 yet?  Probably not too much need out there
where the trees don't grow?  Out there in Wireless Paradise!

We should get together this fall....I'm in need of a break!

Later, Rick Harnish
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This is not true. The Tranzeo 900mhz radios can use 20, 10 or 5mhz channels. They only use it all up if that is how you configure it.

Matt Larsen

Blair Davis wrote:
I've looked at the specs for these units. They eat the ENTIRE 900MHz band as one channel.....

Carl A Jeptha wrote:

Contact WAV for pricing on Tranzeo 900 802.11g. My Rep. in Canada is Claudio Ricci.

You have a Good Day now,

Carl A Jeptha
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Butch Evans wrote:

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Blair Davis wrote:

Hoppers don't play nice with Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum. On the other hand, hoppers can get through more noise....
While this is almost accurate, it is not exacly right. FHSS can cause serious problems for a DSSS system, as the hopper runs across the band. HOWEVER, DSSS will trash about 30% of that spectrum for the hopper. (At least that is the approximate ratio for the 2.4GHz range.) Having said that, FHSS in 900 DOES make a lot of sense, so long as you have the ability to choose where it hops.

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