Wow... I forgot some people don't watch the same wireless lists... :)  This was a big discussion on isp-wireless a few weeks ago. ;)

The routerboard 532 is emitting a HIGH level of noise at 50-70Mhz and 140-170Mhz. I am talking 50-60db of "noise" coming off the DC-DC converter on the board.

I made this discovery about 3 weeks ago when we shut down the local HAM repeater on a tower we were co-located on. It puts out the most noise when using a regular power supply (48v), and then drops a little with PoE (48v). We were able to eliminate the 50-70Mhz and drop the 140-170Mhz noise down to about 10db by switching to 18v PoE.

However, this board is not even CLOSE to FCC specs, and never will be. Many others have discovered this same problem in the last couple of weeks. It is completely obvious on a spectrum analyzer as well. It will shut down emergency two-way radio systems if you are within 1000ft of their repeater (found that one out as well).

I have opened a trouble ticket with Mikrotik, emailed John Tulley, emailed support and posted on their forum.... all with no response (in 3 weeks time). My guess is they are crapping their pants.


Mac Dearman wrote:

Where did you get that info from Travis? Links, source…etc?




Mac Dearman

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Maybe they pulled them off production due to the NOISE they are blowing all over the 50-450Mhz spectrum. :(


Kelly Shaw wrote:

Anyone know of a source with RouterBoard 532s in stock?


I normally can get them from WispRouter but they won't respond to my phone calls about them...



Kelly Shaw

Pure Internet

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