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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new WISPA Vendor Member to our organization. Optivon <http://www.optivon.com/> has paid their dues and has made it official. They want to work with all of the WISP industry and help support our efforts through WISPA. I am sure I speak for us all in welcoming them to WISPA. If you have a desire to offer VOIP for your customers then consider giving Optivon a shot at your business. After all, they are the first VOIP vendor to actually build their business plan around working with WISPs like you and support our association. I will be talking to them for my own network's VOIP needs. I hope you all do the same. Here is some information about Optivon:

Optivon is a facilities based VoIP applications services provider located in

Tampa, FL and San Juan, Puerto Rico. We provide hosted services to local exchange carriers, wireless Internet service providers, and other carriers.


Our hosted services include IP Centrex/Hosted PBX, Residential VoIP, IP Trunking and other applications. Through various providers, we can offer a very large nationwide local footprint of DID and toll free numbers with E911 service. If you prefer, for increased margins, we can work with you in helping you operate your own local PSTN connections. This is especially attractive for internationally based carriers. We also offer you attractive domestic and international termination rates.


Through our CLEC subsidiary in Puerto Rico, we can provide DID origination and termination.   Our platform is based on a carrier class tandem softswitch and a Tekelec 6000 (formerly Vocal Data) applications service platform, which is located in a "bunker type" central office facility for increased network reliability.


We have a good understanding of wireless data networks, having operated one. Among our customers for hosted VoIP services are a WISP in Tampa that is expanding into Atlanta and South Florida, another in Connecticut, and one that has 2,500 radios installed in Puerto Rico.  We provide service to the largest telephone operating company in the World and to small WISP operators.  


Different than other providers, Optivon is prepared to work with you providing not only the VoIP services, but also sales and engineering support to help you succeed.


Also, we will not compete against you.  We only sell our services in the USA through carriers. 


Please visit our web site at www.optivon.com/us to learn more about our services or contact Rafael Morales at the following address:


Optivon Inc.

Rafael Morales

VP Operations

6304 Benjamin Rd. Suite 514

Tampa, FL  33634


Tel:  813-600-6090








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