It won't Blair.  I think one of wispa's biggest benefits right now is a good mail list.  I think we'd all like to keep it that way.  Talk all of the politics etc. that you want on the chat list.  grin
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Nothing personal meant or intended.  I apologize for any insult you perceived.

I am a member of several forums on current events and such.  I spend way too much time debunking tin foil 9/11 stuff.  My work discussion lists are a 'haven' from that stuff..

As to general list, yes it is, but it has always seemed to have a focus on wireless and ISP matters.... I hope it doesn't degenerate in to politics and such....

Mac Dearman wrote:
This is the "GENERAL" list! It's made for general matters as well as
wireless stuff :-)

Pay your dues and get on the real WISPA list :-) where the tin foil hat
stuff is not posted.

Mac Dearman

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I hate to ask, but can we keep the TIN FOIL HAT stuff off this list?

I'm here to talk about wireless and ISP matters....

Mac Dearman wrote:

  I know this is completely off any topic on list, but I felt compelled to
share this link (streaming video) with the masses here. Forgive me if I am
too far out of line.
  If you think you knew what was going on during the WTC crisis and the
Pentagon - - you better take another look at this and rethink your position
on everything as you can see more of the facts with this documentary. Be
prepared to sit a while as its pretty long, but full of "common sense"

Mac Dearman




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