To answer your questions....


>1. Is VoIP part of your plans?


>2. Do you believe VoIP is a viable offering for a WISP?

Depends on the revenue stream possibilities. One good quote from this year's WCA Show VOIP session: "VOIP is a pain in the ass and doesn't make much money, but you better be offering it or someone else will take your customer"

>3. What type revenue contribution in terms of additional ARPU do you think

>VoIP can add?

Residential: Increase from $25-$30/month to $60-$70/month, ($25 for the service, extra $10 for VOIP prioritization or move to PRO level of service)

Business: Same, plus a variable amount according to how many lines they have.

>4. If you will or are doing VoIP as a service, will/are you leveraging third parties? If so, who do like?

At this time, just using ITSP services to terminate calls. I have not come across a third party that had a decent profit sharing program or the ability to put a server in my NOC for local termination.

>5. Would VoIP be offered to your commercial customers, residential or both?


>6. If you are obtaining your own switch, what brands are in your top 3?

Only considering Asterisk. I have three years experience with it, and it will "supposedly" scale up a long way.

>7. Does VoIP capability drive any of your wireless equipment decision


Yes. Almost all new deployments of equipment that I put in service are higher bandwidth systems or upgradable to higher bandwidth.

>8. If you are doing now, could you architect out how you do it and what

>adjustment it forced in terms of capacity planning on your wireless >network?

I currently have an Asterisk server that is terminating about ten beta customers. The crucial thing is to have the VOIP server sitting at the NOC, where you can control the data flow to/from it. That is the only way to guarantee an acceptable level of call quality. Customers on 5ghz (802.11a) connections have no problems at all. Customers on 2.4ghz (802.11b) are okay as long as they are on light or moderately loaded access points (under 40). My furthest customer is on the far end of 125 miles of wireless backbone, and has had few problems with it, but I also haven't "tuned" our network for VOIP yet. That is one of my projects for the fall.

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