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"“The competitive impacts of municipal broadband will be especially threatening to incumbents to the extent that muni nets can be cost- justified by increased efficiencies, cost savings and other ‘internal’ or social benefits captured by local governments, schools, and other public institutions,”
the report states."

While some understand the cost savings these networks can bring others are still focused on the "free wifi cloud" for the population in these areas. There needs to be more focus on the fact that there are so many other benefits to these municipal networks such as water meter reading, public safety communications etc. For these applications to work a robust network has to be built with the following in mind low latency, 99999 reliability, high capacity, and so on. Cost savings for local government, businesses and residential should also be factored into the equation for services such as telecommunications times X number of phone lines just for government offices and broadband access for all schools. I understand that this is only the tip of the ice burg and there are so many other applications and cost savings for these networks. My point is that the network has to be built robust enough to be able to support it all including a wifi cloud.

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