Jeese, just lay the rack on it’s side.  And Mac, does that juice change that accent at all?


Chuck Profito



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Mac, get a Jack, a 42 oz Jack Daniels after that you will "float to the higher levels".  8-)

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Mac Dearman wrote:

If I get taller racks I will have to get a ladder instead of the current
step stool in the NOC. Dang - how high horizontal can I expect to scale my
*? :)
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On Tue, 25 Jul 2006, Matt Liotta wrote:
We have found Asterisk doesn't horizontally scale. Therefore, your 
choice is either to vertically scale and/or to specialize certain 
operations onto different machines. However, I do agree with Peter 
in that Asterisk will certainly scale for most people's needs.
See there, don't need MORE need TALLER racks.
FWIW, I've not tried to scale my Asterisk system, but it is a very 
near perfect solution for a small (probably a large) office.
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