Find your nearest dealer or become a dealer. They train you for free. Less than $500 worth of tools and you can terminate fiber forever with low-cost easy to use parts. Why pay someone to come and put ends on your fiber when you can do it yourself? I figured it out which means anyone can.

Brad Belton wrote:

We've always contracted out our fiber work, but be careful as not all fiber
techs are equal in their abilities.
We've settled on a group that is reasonable for small jobs and charges us
$400 for eight connectors total including travel and parts.  They do a great
job no matter what type connector or type of fiber used.

We tried a cheaper fiber group once.  After several attempts by two
different techs they told us the fiber we had was bad they couldn't shoot
any light through it.  I said thank you very much, "here's your sign" and
asked them to leave.
Next day the fiber was terminated by our usual group.  That was a few years
ago and we haven't felt it necessary to look for another fiber tech since.



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Has anyone here delved into the option of terminating fiber runs for a bridgewave gigabit link? What's more economical -- to hire out the termination job or getting training and buying the terminating equipment onself? If the latter, where have you gotten the training and equipment? (I've heard the equipment is expensive).


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