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Im installing some 120’ runs of cat 5 in building shafts. I also need to take this through a roof penetration and 20’ across the roof to hook up to my radios. I can find exterior cable and riser rated cable, but not one that will serve both needs. Anybody have any idea where I can find such a beast?




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In most areas it must be plenum if it is in a common shaftway between floors without firestops. What you will probably need to do is transition from plenum to outdoor where it leaves the building. I'm sure that's not what you had in mind but if you are under code it may be your cheapest way. Just transition at a 66 block that is CAT5 rated.

Otherwise, the plenum cable directly to the equipment outside will last you several years without issue. You could also install it inside pvc conduit on sleepers off the roof surface to extend life.

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