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Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2006 1:37 PM
Subject: Seeking work in Wireless

Technical Sales or Management Position - Domestic or International

Dear Mr. Schafer:

I recently sold off a successful wireless Internet company in Ecuador, and and am looking for a position in the U.S. involving Technical Sales or Management in the wireless arena.

With your extensive knowledge of the industry, I would greatly appreciate  any assistance your might be able to lend - perhaps passing along my attached CV or pointing me in the direction where you see possible opportunities.

Allow me to summarize key aspects of my background and experience:

*** Full time Internet hardware sales work since 1992 - both wired and wireless.

*** In Wifi before Wifi existed  - first hacked Lucent WaveLan cards in Linux boxes back  in 1997.   

*** Founder and manager of pioneering  internetworking company in Ecuador.  Established distribution channels for USRobotics, Lucent, Microcom, NetManage and others. 

*** Owned and operated a successful wireless ISP service for over 5 years, with 100+ commercial customers across 3 provinces (covering hundreds of square miles).  Know WISP business inside out, allowing me to interface very well with customers.

*** Have extensive first-hand field experience with many of wireless product lines, including  Lucent, Cisco, Aironet, Proxim, Mot Canopy, Tranzeo, Andrew, PacWireless, Senao,  Smartbidge, Teletronics and YDI.  

*** Mature, team player, and self-starter.  Understand from years of running my own businesses  that all successful sales and marketing efforts center on fact that  the "customer is king".

In short, I have a very solid understanding of Internet, RF and WISP issues, years of experience in sales and distribution of networking equipment.  I am a US Citizen, speak fluent Spanish, have working knowledge of French, and understand well the "challenges" of doing business in the tropics.  

Finally, I trust you will appreciate that I have very solid credentials for wireless sales and/or business  development and management, and particularly in the international arena.  However, I would certainly would be interested in possibilities in the North American market.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to offer!

Bruce Schulte
skype: Bruce Schulte
Tef. 1-703-644-1635

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