Thanks for the heads up on the link. The signup page is hosted in a different location, so I am forwarding the information to the correct place to get it fixed.

I added all of the general mailling lists to a link on the side. Thanks for the heads up on that Peter.

I'm working on a separate page for the state mailling lists, so that they are listed in one spot rather than as a drop down box. Other than that, we need to have about three or four people to contribute articles for the main content page. The content here is from May, as that is when we did the first presentation of this site. We need to come up with some good content. This new site is also RSS capable (there is a link at the bottom of the menu on the left) so if we can get some more content, I think the site will start to get a lot more traffic and consistent traffic at that.

Thanks for the comments, and keep them coming!

Matt Larsen

Peter R. wrote:
George Rogato wrote:

Thank you Matt Larsen for your hard work.


Great job!

This link from the sign-up page is broken:

Where is the link to the mailing lists?

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