America wants cheap food. Period. In the past, cattle took better than 30 months to reach slaughter weight on grass.  Under current industrialized agricultural methods cattle can go from birth to the meat case in less than 12 months.  Its very similar for chickens, hogs or any other common form of protein we consume on a daily basis. All this requires cheap grain, which in turn is produced with assistance of govt. subsidization.  In the past, meat was often a luxury meal for most Americans.  Now we all get to eat it nearly every day. Most of my neighbors farm. I don’t know one of them that would be taking subsidies just to screw the American taxpayer.  Farmers usually just end up being a small cog in the great wheel of food production.  So, if you don’t like the system, don’t participate.  Buy all your food from a local producer and pay the actual price of production+profit. Don’t patronize  Safeway, or Walmart or Kroger etc.- otherwise you are implicitly participating in the system.  It’s a much more complicated issue than just paying farmers not to produce.




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Yes, I totally DISAGREE with the government paying people to NOT grow crops. What ever happened to supply and demand? I thought that was lesson #1 in Economics.


Cliff Leboeuf wrote:

So David,
I guess it is fair for me to assume that you don't agree the the government
paying some NOT to grow wheat or NOT to raise pigs so that those that DO can
survive on a reasonable profit margin and not be flooded by over production
creating too much product for not enough demand...?
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Since when do the people on this list support taxation, waste, and
government subsidies?  Why should the burden of providing high-speed
Internet to people in underserved (typically rural) areas fall on the
shoulders of taxpayers?  I don't want my taxes to pay to expand your network
or for Joe User to get your service.
If people want services, they should live in a city.  If they want to live
in rural areas, they should do so with the understanding that services
(water, sewer, EMS, schools, cable, high-speed Internet, just about anything
and everything) are harder to come by and sometimes more expensive.  No one
makes people live in the country.  People choose to on their own, and they
should take responsibility for the costs and/or lack of services associated
with that decision.
Just my own 2 cents.
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IMO they need to start giving money to the end users to pay for hookup and
installation. Stop paying to expand WISP's networks and give the money
it is needed, if you want a bigger network pay for it out of your own
pocket. In IL I doubt you could drive from Chicago to St.Louis and not be
able to hook up to a WISP.
Give money to the people who need to put up a 45ft tower to get access.
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Don't forget the 3rd great lie..."I'm from the government and I'm
here to help
Jeff Broadwick
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