I ran out of cable and ARC wireless is waiting for 35k foot of cable to be in their Q before they order. Last time I ordered it was .689 cents a foot for the outdoor gel filled with drain wire. But the raw materials have gone up 40% I hear. So we'd be doing good to get it $100 to $120 a spool.

So anyway, I am trying to spark some orders so I can get good cable at good prices. The ARC guy is getting back to me with the quote for the 35k. He will ship to multiple addresses and take multiple payments. I only use 1-2000 foot a month and I am small, so I know some of you guys can get a few rolls. I will be posting the cat5 spec sheet and the final price per foot later. I'm not going to bother them with 35 people wanting 1 roll. If you can get 4-5 rolls give me a shout and I'll pass on the info to ARC that you want to be added to the 35k buy I'm setting up and you will pay them and get shipment from them.

Disclaimer: I get nothing from this except the 4-5 spools I order for myself at the same price you pay.

ps Get in on this order. I can't find cable anywhere else for under $200 a spool.

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