Is there an existing structure there? how tall is it? What kind of winds do you get there?

We reach 60-70ft with a Rohn 25G bracketed at 25 ft....

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If that's the wrong answer, a 100' utility pole IF you can get it in the ground would work. Might have to guy it to keep that 2' dish lined up.

This sounds like it might be a good application for Sat. access for people, or 900mhz.

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I'm interested in what people would suggest using to reach 60 to 80 feet
above the ground. It needs to hold a sector or two (my holy bird-frying sectors, Batman!), and a 2 foot solid dish and a grid dish. The ground is
rocky, and there's 35 to 55 foot trees in all directions.

This is to reach only a few people, not more than a dozen, so price is a
serious consideration.


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