Well Tom It stil wonÂ’t pass vlans as we would like, Lonnie is currently working 
on this.  I hope this getsfixed soon.  The units have a great price and I have 
a great antenna enclosure for them.

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    That is exciting news getting the Full 35 mbps on the WAR/STAR board.  I 
    guess it shows that the 533Mhz processor is the key to speed. The price is 
    right to.
    The only thing is, we need to be able to pass full 1500 MTU for our 
    backhauls, and we use VLAN. The older WRAP/STAROS shrinks MTU size to 
    support VLAN. This prevented its use for our backhauls.  The newer StarOS 
    software, doesn't support the larger packets yet, does it?
    ---802.1d bridging for ethernet and wireless ap, and layer-3 proxy arp 
    bridging for wireless clients.
    That sounded like interesting feature on V3 software.
    ----WRAP V3 $70 /year.
    I hope that means one year of updates, and not that it "expires" at the end 
    of the year and stops passing traffic. Do you know for sure?
    How is the availabilty regularly on the WAR boards?
    Has anyone tried flashing Mikrotik on a WAR board?

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